Atlas 365 Ecopoints

Atlas 365 EcopointsTM provides a shared platform for merchants to promote their eco friendly products. The platform provides transaprency into merchandise carbonbon footprint and source.

Be a part of a loyalty program that will keep consumers
engaged and interested with your company with
minimal effort on your end.

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EcopointsTM uses blockchain technology to provide transparency in the supply chain of products represented on our platform. Seeds, harvesting, processing and transportation are tracked for products listed with EcopointsTM.

Sustainable Choices

EcopointsTM help consumer’s measure
their carbon reduction. The more sustainable the purchase the more consumers are rewarded. Use EcopointsTM to purchase sustainable products and carbon offsets.

Carbon Footprint

EcopointsTM will help provide consumer’s an understanding of what carbon footprint their purchases make on the environment.  Our goal is to provide CO2E equivalncy to merchadise represented on our platform.