Atlas 365 Processing and Manufacture

With our core focus in building materials for more sustainable housing, Atlas 365 harnesses all parts of the Hemp plant. This provides added value to our farm clusters. Our farming implementation ensures our supply chain includes traceability and carbon footprint calculations. 

Email for more information on how we can supply your business with a reliable Hemp supply chain.

Hemp Fibre

Hemp has been used for thousands of years to make everything from clothing to ropes and is also a natural and biodegradable alternative to plastics – used in interior car parts! he provide quality fibre that meets client requirements.

Hemp Seeds

High in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and as a complete protein source, hemp seeds are a healthy super-food. Atlas 365 can provide a reliable source for manufactures to process.


Combining hemp hurds, lime and water, Hempcrete is a carbon-negative and nontoxic building material. it contains the CO2 sequestered by the hemp for teh life time of the block. Atlas 365 manufactures hempcerte from Hemp produced by our farm clusters.